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Industrial Resources Limited has been incorporated on 19th February, 1985 and obtain certificate for Commencement of Business on 25th February, 1985. The main object in the company’s memorandum of association are inter alia to carry on the business as general traders, to finance in industrial and other enterprise and real estate business.

Main Objects:

To carry on the business of a company with the object of financing industrial enterprise, project financing, joint ventures financing, portfolio investment and to make loan, give guarantees, provide securities to any other company whether promoted by this company or not, to advise on financial matters, management consultant and to undertake operation or transaction on individual capacity or along with partnership firm in a lawful manner and also to acquire, hold shares, stock, debenture, debenture stocks, bonds, issued or guaranteed by any company, government, sovereign rural commission, public body or authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise whether at home or abroad or any obligation or securities by original subscription, tender, purchase  exchange or otherwise and to subscribe for the same, either conditionally, or otherwise and to guarantee the subscription thereof  and exercise and enforce all the rights and powers conferred by or incidental to the ownership, to issue shares, debenture, debenture stock, bonds, obligation and securities of all kinds and to frame, constitute and secure the same, as may be seem expedient, will full power to make the same transferable by delivery or by instrument of transfer or otherwise, and either perpetual or terminate and either redeemable or otherwise and to charge or secure the same by trust deed or otherwise on the undertaking of the Company ( including, if thought fit, uncalled capital) or otherwise howsoever; to export, import, buy, sell, barter, exchange pledge, make advance upon, invest in and otherwise deal in goal, silver, bullion, stocks, shares, securities of all kinds and description.
To deal in  real estate business and for the purpose, buy, sell, take on lease, give on lease or on license, maintain, develop, demolish, alter, construct, build and turn to account any land or buildings owned or acquired or leased by the Company or in which the Company may be interested as owners, lessors, lessees, licensors, licensees, architects, builders, interior decorators and designers, as vendors, contractors, property developers and real estate owners and agents whether such land or building or the development thereof be for or in respect of residential or commercial purposes such as multi-storeyed buildings, complexes, houses, flats, offices, shops, garages, cinemas, theatres, hotels, restaurants, motels or other structures of whatsoever description including prefabricated and pre-cast houses, buildings and erections and to enter into contracts subcontracts, and to carry on the business of Builders, Architects, Surveyors, Valuers, Contractors, Commission Agents and General Agents or otherwise to acquire, sell, and to dispose of and deal in movable and immovable properties of every description.
To carry on the business as buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, stockists, agents, commission agent, forwarding and clearing agents, distributors, warehousemen, merchants, traders, sales organizers, representatives of manufacturers of all kinds of commodities, goods, articles, materials and things, for that purpose, to buy, sell, exchange, market, pledge, distribute, install, services, maintain or otherwise deal in all kinds of commodities, articles, materials and things.