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About Us

Anubhav Industrial Resources Limited has been incorporated on 19th February, 1985 and obtain certificate for Commencement of Business on 25th February, 1985. The main object in the company’s memorandum of association are inter alia to carry on the business as general traders, to finance in industrial and other enterprise and real estate business.

Main Objects:

  • The Present Main Business of the Company are to carry on the business as traders, dealers, manufactures wholesalers, retailers, combers, scourers, spinners, weavers finishers, dyers, and manufacturers of yarns and fabrics of wool, cotton, jute, silk, rayon nylon, terylene garments fabrics handicrafts, electric and electronic equipments machinery and plastics, and other natural, synthetic and / or fibrous substances and / or manufacturers of materials from the waste realised from the above mentioned products either on its own account or on commission and to carry on the business as drapers and dealers of furnishing fabrics in all its branches, as costumiers, readymade dress and mantle makers, silk mercers, makers and supplies of clothing lingerie and trimmings of every kind, furriers, drapers, haberdashers, milliners, hosiers, glovers, lace makers, feather dressers, felt makers dealers in and manufacturers of yarns, fabrics and also to manufacture, deal in or process natural starch and other sizing materials dye-stuff synthetic or chemical substances of all kinds and compounds and other substances, either basic, intermediate required for the above mentioned products.


  • To construct purchase, sale, let out, develop promote or otherwise acquire, purchase, on auction, or hire, buildings, houses, bungalows, factories, trade premises, public buildings, hotels, lands, farms or any other kind of assets, estates or property and to carry on business of hire purchase of property and machinery.

Present Business:

Presently the Company is engaged in the trading of terylene garments fabrics handicrafts, electric and electronic equipments machinery and plastics.